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Media outlets have covered downtown development plans from the beginning. We have created a central location to find multiple sources and news outlets covering Downtown Amarillo and Amarillo developments.  

Talk of downtown development has been ongoing for years. Even back in 2008, the city and locals were talking about the next step. Aug. 26, 2008. 

Fort Wayne completed  as similar project and this article explains the challenges the city went through and the outcome of the downtown development. June 7, 2013.

Business big and small, including Xcel seek further development downtown. February 12, 2015. 

"A downtown ballpark would mean much more than baseball." We aren't the first to need downtown revitalization. April 9, 2015.

AEDC oks incentives for plant could help create 930 jobs June 16, 2015.


Blogger, John Kanelis,  has been a career journalist who worked in print journalism for 36 years until the end of August 2012. His blog covers the entire range of issues, most of them serious, some of them not so serious. Still wondering: How does Downtown plan hurt? June 30, 2015.  

Locals are very engaged in the development. Many, many, many, manymany, many, people of different ages and backgrounds have written editorials and opinion pieces concerning our downtown.

Amarillo has lost its trademark swagger. July 11, 2015.


 Fort Wayne succeeds with projects like Amarillo's -- Can it work here? July 18, 2015.

Why bother? July 20, 2015. 

The mayor has been extremely accommodating to the public. July 20, 2015. 

I-TEAM: How Much has already been invested in downtown. July 28, 2015.

LGC votes to update details of garage. July 29, 2015.